Two sisters, a long highway

March 2011
Road trip number 9; onward to the Lower Colorado River.  Call me crazy, but the open road breeds a feeling of newness and invincibility.  Bringing someone along who hasn’t experienced it reminds me of the first time I trekked past my east coast roots.  Wild open landscapes and the kindness of strangers.

My sister delights in the marvels along our way; Beale St., the ability to buy wine in gas stations (not a luxury we enjoy in Delaware), and the ever-changing landscape.  West Texas calls, it’s been years since I’ve been to the ranch where I once herded cattle and fell in love with a family as kind as the giant open skies.  The ten-mile dirt road takes over an hour and a half for the Midnight Rambler to conquer.  Beautiful ghosts of the past shake my soul, as well as my car.

Relaxing cowboy style.
Downtown poses for a shot.
Jill and I take a leisurely ride around the beautiful ranch.
The stunning view from Brin’s Mesa Trail in Sedona, AZ.

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