Who inspires you?

We’re all inspired by something or someone throughout life.  And, I want to take a moment to thank two fellow artists in my life.  As birds and gypsy traveling took over my life, art fell to the wayside.

Mel Preston, a biologist by day, and illustrator by night crossed my path many years ago in the Sierra.  Our love for field research and art became apparent and her constant urge for me to pursue my art roots brought back the twinkle in my eye.
Check out: www.lazulihunting.com/

Sarah Rado, a marketing guru by day, and glittery artist by night, dazzled me in my first college drawing class.  After our first portrait session drawing each other, it was evident, we were goofball artist friends in for the long haul.  This winter, she kicked me into art shape and we had numerous successful shows together.
Check out: http://sarahrado.blogspot.com/ & Sarah’s Etsy Store

So, who or what inspires you?

Desert Hearts by Mel Preston


Phainopeplas by Mel Preston
Sarah Rado


LOVE painting by Sarah Rado

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